What does B.E.S.T. stand for?


We chose this word for “Trust,” not flashy but regal and confident. In our view, too many companies advertise as “Green” and then promote unproven technology, market environmental guilt and then price it so that only the affluent can afford it. In contrast our focus is to only supply those services and technologies we know to be effective, true value propositions while affordable.


We present electrical work to the Canadian Electrical Code. We do not provide plumbing, framing, drywall, excavation or other non-electrical services. Offering too much would lead to us being outside our area expertise and compromise its quality.


Construction, Maintenance, Design and Analysis are our (4) service areas. In the construction industry we build new developments and enable custom renovations. Through experience and suppliers we supply solutions for keeping electrical systems up and running. Design services are supplied by our electricians based on understanding of the Canadian Electrical Code, experience with client electrical needs and installation.


Our ultimate goal is developing new and useful technology to serve others including but also beyond our Electrical focus. Involved in several projects, 25% of our revenue is directed to development of solutions for problems like Construction Challenges in our industry, Electrical Generation in the Third World, and renewable energy sources.

We offer Aluminum Wiring Exams (insurance check-ups for older homes with aluminum wiring), System Diagnostics, Home Inspections and Free Estimates for any project you might be planning.

Work With the BEST

We offer:


  • Reward outstanding work and ingenuity with bonuses,
  • Optimize processes and product combinations for speed and safety.


Because of our focus on our employees & contractors, we believe that it translates into top quality workmanship and customer service.